The WyldB.Network was designed as a way for small businesses to enter the world wide web for not at an outstanding price. The WB promotes small businesses for their storefronts, informational content and groups looking to build an online communities for lodges, gamers and smaller communities that seek a place to keep their whatever-stuff in one place for better communications and chit chat.

Web Development and Network Marketing

Welcome to The WyldB.Network. The WyldB is an LLC for Web Development for all types of companies and individuals as well as network marketing with some of the best and established entrepreneurs worldwide. Give me a call (303) 875-3270 if you are interested in learning more about how The WyldB can help you and your company increase your assets. We are always looking to expand in your direction as well as produce some of the best award winning websites for your company.



I’d like to think of myself as a tool to help bring your business the best type of graphically enhanced websites possible. I’ve had many years learning about graphics design and multimedia and am currently and always pursuing higher education so that I can stay on top of all the newest, latest and greatest forms to better serve you and your business. From Logo designs to full Storefront eCommerce to just a simple calling card for your business that will give your clients the best way to communicate with you for your private practices or of the like.


Mmm, Guinness is by far the best Ale ever invented.

Let’s meet up over a pint and I’ll show you how I can better serve your business and or help you learn about the best network marketing.